Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy of Minecraft on Dik Hin Server

1. Social

The following rules are to be followed when using the chat, forums and other communication methods on Minecraft hosted on Dik Hin Server:

Promoting or discussing religious or political views is prohibited.
Spamming or flooding chat is prohibited. Asking the same question over again, while it clearly can be found by using the Search function on our website https://dikhin.cf, or by easy searching on Minecraft Forum, can get you muted or other measures.
Posting links in the game or on the forums with adult or shocking content is forbidden (e.g. gore, pornography, etc).
Creating accounts in name of Dik Hin Server's Minecraft to use on other forums, Facebook accounts, other social platforms, Minecraft server listings, or creating accounts that act as if they are affiliated to Dik Hin Server's Minecraft, or registering on other services, is prohibited. Unless you have a written permission from Dik Hin, that permission - as well as the person who receives the permission - must be disclosed to the public on the website.
Attempts to impersonate yourself as spokesman of Dik Hin Server's Minecraft, or as an official representative talking solely on the behalf of Dik Hin Server's Minecraft is prohibited.
Distributing the account password is not allowed.
English must be used on all public communication channels. Other languages can be used in private messages or private conversations.
Spamming chat repeatedly with the same questions that can be answered by reading the faq, searching the forums or new player guide, will result in a ban.
Advertising other servers or communities is not allowed.

2. Game

The following rules should be followed when using our servers:

Attemps to grief the terrain, the world, project sites, landmarks, ... is prohibited.
Modifications to the world always happen with the supervision of a Designer. This is usually done by elevating building restrictions in a certain area by that same Designer.
Use of third party mods that can cause negative effects on server performance are not allowed, such as:
a. Modifications that allow users to fly. (Flymods)
b. Modifications that allow users to move faster than normal. (Speedhacks)
c. Modifications that allow access to methods to ruin our world. (Hacks)
Dik Hin Server's Minecraft are off limits during jobs and projects.

3. General

The following rules and/or directives are to be respected at all times.

Downloading the world map, or portions of it, is not allowed.
Spreading our resource packs without approval by Dik Hin is not allowed. See the license at section Texture and Resourcepacks of the Terms of Service.
Using or encouraging others to use the our Network for any illegal purpose is not allowed. Impersonating any members in the game or on any other web site is not allowed.
Make unsolicited or inappropriate offers, advertisements or proposals for goods, services or commercial activities in our game, directly to members is not allowed.
Interfering with any security-related features of the Network is not allowed.
Harassing, bullying, intimidating or abusing users of our Network is not allowed.
Releasing or distributing server access information or account information is not allowed.
Save (in any form other than temporary Minecraft or browser server packets required for viewing and intended interaction), reproduce, mimic, or otherwise copy any content on the Network, for either personal use or public distribution, unless you you hold the sole, original copyright on that content.

Terms of Service


"Staff" are defined as legal operators on Dik Hin Server's Minecraft.
"Administrator" is defined as Dik Hin.
"Network" is defined as Minecraft servers hosted on Dik Hin Server, and other services supplied to you.
"Content" includes, but is not limited to:

Player data files (inventories, container content, permissions, perks, ...)
Player Builds
Code contributions
Articles written
Graphical contributions (screenshots, videos, textures, ...)
Sound contributions (sound files, music, ...)
By using any of the services supplied by our Network, you agree to be bound by this Terms of Service, and that you agree with the Rules.

You agree to hold harmless Dik Hin Server's Minecraft and it's Staff, their heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, and all other persons acting under Dik Hin Server's Minecraft's authority or those for whom they are acting, from any liability resulting from your usage of the Network.

Dik Hin Server's Minecraft is not affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft. We are a non-profit, unregistered online entity of minecraft fans with no source of revenue, and who all chose to voluntarly help Dik Hin Server's Minecraft have no expectations of having something in return.

Revisions to this Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy.

Dik Hin Server reserves the right to update and change this Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without notice. Violation of any of the terms will result in the termination of your account. While Dik Hin Server's Minecraft prohibits illegal activity and uses measures towards prohibiting illegal activity, you understand and agree that we cannot be responsible for the Content and actions of our members.

Content Ownership

All content as defined above may be retained, removed, or relocated at the discretion of the Administrator. By submitting content to our Network, or by submitting content to staff or server email accounts or other contact media, or by creating content on our Network, you grant Dik Hin Server's Minecraft perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, rights to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works of, perform, or publicly display that content.

Texture and Resourcepacks

The Texture and Resourcepacks and all of our content that we make available to you are copyrighted by Dik Hin Server's Minecraft.

Punishments and Suspension of Access

Players found violating the Terms of Service may find their accounts or IP addresses restricted from any server or service within the Network. In addition, Dik Hin Server's Minecraft retains the right to kick you, ban you, enact restrictive measures or block your access to the Network without explanation or warning. In the case a user is banned, players may request to appeal their ban at the dedicated section on our website https://dikhin.cf. However, appeals are a courtesy, the Head Enforcer retains the right to revoke any request for a ban appeal.


All information collected by Dik Hin Server's Minecraft will not be disclosed or distributed to any other entities unless the permission is obtained from the account holder. We only keep track of our users through the use of cookies, for statistical purposes to improve our website, and to track the traffic of our visitors.

Prohibited Behavior

Please use common sense when joining our network. This document might list things that you might not do, but it is not limited to what it states. Behaviour that won't be tollerated in the real world, will not be tollerated here either. Our Staff can retain the right to temporarly ban you or kick you if you if you misbehave.

Additional Terms for Staff members

All staff are bound to the following additional terms. Staff are to promote a safe, fun, and friendly environment within the Network. A Staff position equals contributing to the project in a voluntary way, and doesn't make you entitled to any special treatment. Staff are also bound to these Terms of Service and Rules at all times.

Any staff members that are unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties and responsibilities are subject to the loss of their permission. Administrators retain the right to revoke a user's permission without warning.